Saudi Internacional Conference Exhibition Center

Saudi International Conference & Exhibition Centre

DMG, has designed the future Saudi International Conference & Exhibition Centre, providing a new centrality for the performing arts complete with cinema, opera and theatre complexes, conference and science centre, 5 exhibition pavilions and a flight business complex including an aviation museum complete with indoor and outdoor exhibition space for airplanes and aeronautical equipment, fully serviced by hospitality and commercial and a facilities and an emblematic Mosque.

The proposed location, next to King Khalid International Airport and surrounded by a number of high-tech complexes, this 150 Hectares project is served by a major highway and the ultra-modern Riyadh Metro Network to promote accessibility and eco-sustainable transportation.

This gigantic oasis, covered by structures inspired in equatorial forests, set around a 30m high vortex waterfall, where the individual buildings are interconnected by aerial passages that allow visitors to take in the whole complex from a tree-top view port. The buildings themselves are like pebbles dropped on a water surface landscaped to represent the concentric ripples that appear on this disturbed liquid surface. 

The waste water will be recycled and reused in irrigation, photovoltaic energy will be produced by the gigantic transparent glass dome and the vortex waterfall and additional water elements will cool the environment in an integrated and sustainable eco-system.

Welcome to 2030.

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