Maavaru Heeraa Resort

Designmark Group presents a new unique investment opportunity in Maldives islands. HEERAA RESORT is a 7-star luxury resort located on the Maavaru lagoon, consist of 4 islands (three islands with 8 hectares each and one island with 5.1 hectares) at a distance of approximately 50 km from Male.

Project contains a unique offer in terms of concept design, available services and competitive pricing.The Maavaru resort provides strategic differentiation potential by achieving sustainable competitive advantages, offering a 7-star level of service that is currently missing nearby due to outmoded structures and methods. The dredging and reclamation concept has already been approved by the Ministry of Tourism.

Heeraa Resort offers one of the most exclusive experiences you could ever have. Underwater restaurant, Executive Lounge, Boutiques, Marine Research Centre will involve you in their cosy and spectacular architecture.The choice of accommodation ranges from the magnificent three-suite Water Villas and single-suite Water Villas both with a submersed panoramic lounge to the two-suite Beach Villas, all with their private swimming pools and unique design. Entertainment is guaranteed by the Aquapark, indoor and outdoor Sports Centre, Diving and Aquatic Sports Centre, Wellness Centre, Festive Garden, Boat Lake, Star Gazer Garden, Water Cinema and SPA.