Innoprom RCC

Russian Copper Company (RMK)

The RCC Pavilion was created to represent the company in one of the biggest industrial fairs, INNOPROM which took place in Yekaterinburg, Russia.

The 9m tall, 25m long and 17m wide, with a total area of 850 sq m, and 3 stories pavilion became the most attractive point on exhibition and caught the attention of the Government of Japan, Kuwait, UAE, Switzerland and Russian Federation including the president of Russian Federation – Vladimir Putin.

Although seldom used in architecture as more than a building system throughout history, in today’s modern architecture, copper has become a highly sought material to include in several design elements, not only in details, but also in grand scale. This also took part as one of the premises behind the pavilion’s original concept, making its presence everywhere, from the smallest wall pattern to the entire kinetic façade. It was also featured in the designing of all the souvenirs, corporate clothing and furniture.

The concept of “Smart copper” developed by Designmark Group reflects a clean strong identity of the Russian Copper Company (the 3rd biggest copper producer in Russia) provides a theory of smart copper in each designed element and vision concerning environmental and production issues – changing stereotypes about metallurgical production and creating a new “eco-friendly” image of the company for the public.

The pavilion’s main component was a theater containing set of interactive solutions. All interactive installations produced for this pavilion are multi-used and deliver educational content in an interactive way.

Unique technologies and elements as a custom made kinetic facade with 3600 movable elements, interactive walls and floor (505 screens in total), 10 VR journeys, 10 holographic shows, touch table with physical elements, kinetic screens, interactive sand box, 3D video mapping – transformed into a set of educational tools for a public and company’s staff.

Welcome to the future

Designmark group is proud to announce that we have won the XAVER AWARD for the “Best Expo Project 2018” for the RCC Stand project, for the Innoprom 2017 fair in Russia. The XAVER Award is the most important event in the Swiss live communication industry. This annual awards ceremony recognises the best projects from a number of different categories.